How is the future for Golf?

There are so many golf players who are concerned about the game losing its charm these days. There are so many outdoor games which are slowly getting unpopular with more and more of smart device games being on the roll. Some players strictly argue this is just a change in the game pattern, and that it will start gaining the popularity it had when the wheels start turning around again. There are some games which have their own set of fan following like golf. What worries the traditional players is the steady decrease in number of people showing interest in golf and so many golf courses being shut down or being used for other games apart from golf more (footjoy shoes). These are sure the warning signs of the game slowly beginning to get extinct in coming days.

Apart from the new era youngsters embracing the game decreasing in number rapidly, there has been an increase in players who are quitting golf as well. This trend of expert golf fanatics quitting the game has brought concern among people in many clubs. With so many golf closes shutting, there are chances of many people losing their jobs. There are people who work in these courses for their living and it would impact their lives as well. There has never been a bloom like the Tiger era which was the time; the game had reached the peak of its popularity. Many numbers of golf courses were designed at that time. There were many players who voluntarily showed interest in the game and started pursuing it as their best hobby. The retail side of the game was raving in a bloom that it had never seen before, what with every single player investing on the equipment, book guide and clothes.

What are the ideas attracting Golfers

A recent research has shown that several retail companies have canned their pro certified golfers blaming it all over the economy. What with the retail market flooding with equipment and gears while the players decreasing steadily; the market is seeing a downside. A survey also resulted in showing the sales of golf product soaring deep down from previous years. These trends are potential indication of the golf industry shrinking in its magnitude and size. However, these signs are not indication of the game dying. It simply means the game is changing, it could well be for the best.  There are so many ideas which have been doing the rounds which indicate the game is changing for better. Hack golf, WRGA, Top Golf are all gearing up well and will sure attract many players to the game again. The young players who turn in from all walks just for some added fun from golf course without the rigid rules of golf of course. The transgressions at many clubs have been relaxed so much for the benefit of a leash of players who are getting interested in the game.

How fast is the online growth?

The game has been quite traditional from long back, and the changes that have been happening have been recent. There were a set of regulations including one for dress, which has kept away so many people from actually trying their hand at the game. Also the time taken for a game is around 4- 5 hours which many players cannot spend when on a tight schedule and more often the game is considered to be expensive. These are the majority of reasons which holds backs several people from having fun at the golf course.

The online bookings for tee times have increased by a considerable percentage in the past few years. The rates at which the bookings have been growing are far faster in percentage than many other industries. For instance, in the travel industry the customers who book their travel plans online are among the 65%. It is more than half of the entire travelers which is pretty much. The golfers who book online are around 25% having just started with online, that percentage is quite higher than where the travel industry actually started. It is a clear indication that the growth in terms of online booking alone paving for an increase of craze for the game.

This growth which is multifold compared to the food or travel industry is one thing which still keeps the hopes high for golf fans. The reports from founders of major courses suggest that the members in their clubs are heritage and have been there with them for a long time and older than the Millennial. This indirectly suggests that the online bookers are all part of the new crowd and players who are starting fresh. This indicates the stage for the game is changing for the better.

With so many relaxations in rule and new hacks being found in the game, it is only fair if more of new generation players hit the course. The game has changed; it is not anymore the game which was played a decade ago. You could see players adorning new golf gears and they no more stick to the dress code apart from the collared shirts at some courses. The game our fathers and grandfathers played is gone and this is the new era of a traditional rich heritage game.

The new golfers will now actually book their tee times through online and will no more be entirely dependent on clubs. There are so many online sources where you could learn about the game and its intricacies and you do not have to spend a day with the books or wait for your peer’s time to get engaged. The 14- holes and 12- holes golf games are rapidly catching the attention of a new set of young players who are all set for a new game at the golf course. The market correction which is happening these days is paving way for so many new players across the country. The golf courses are getting ready for a new leash of players all with a relaxed set of rules altogether.